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Yep, you've reached the ego-stroking "About Me" page.  So, what's to tell?
I'm married to the wonderful Lisa (Yarnell) Nichols, and we have a veritable Noah's Ark of a family: two boys, two dogs, two cats and two chickens. We live (most of the time) at Deep Creek Lake, around the middle of the map above (this is an old USGS map of the lake before there was a lake,in 1918).  My grandparents (and their friends) built the log cabin where we live starting back in the 1930's so the area has always been home to me.

I went to boarding school at St. James near Hagerstown,MD, then to college at Drew University in Madison, NJ.  I graduated at the top and bottom of my major at Drew (I was the only Physics major in my class), then went off and joined the Navy, through its Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate program.  I spent most of my operational time in the Navy on board the Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69) as a Reactor Mechanical Division Officer, qualifying as Officer of the Deck and Engineering Officer of the Watch. I am proud to have served, but am happy to be a civilian - my usual line to people is "I'm glad I did it, but I'm glad I'm out"

I moved back to the family cabin in 2001 when I got out of the Navy and spent a blissful summer as a bartender, but quickly realized that I should probably do something with my life. I found gainful employment as a contractor to the Department of Energy's National Energy Technology Laboratory in Morgantown, WV. While there, I got my Master's in safety and environmental management. I'm now a federal employee of the DOE and I work on analyses of the energy market and the role that research and development can play in helping meet national energy goals.

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