Chris Nichols

Here are some links to Mapping and GIS resources that have been useful to me
Maryland State archives: Plats of lots west of Fort Cumberland allocated to soldiers who served in the Continental Army during the Revolution and of tracts patented, purchased, or settled prior to 1787. In that year Francis Deakins by appointment from the Governor and Council surveyed those lots and tracts and prepared a large map to portray them. In 1874 the General Assembly authorized a revision of Deakins' map (Ch. 322) to remedy omissions and provide additional information. The resulting product, directed by the Land Office, numbered all military lots, showed topography, and indicated land escheated to the state since 1787. LINK

Western Maryland's Historical Library: Nice summary of the military lot maps and links to the original 1787 map at the Library of Congress

Library of Congress: digitized version of the original 1787 military lot map

Top 10 Jewels of the FSU Library Map Collection:  Mary Jo Price selected a “Top Ten” based on uniqueness in their content, condition, and age, as well as on their value to regional history and geography. Gives a good overview of maps available there.

University of MD Library Digitized Map Collection:Some good 19C maps of MD.  Free download.     LINK

University of Alabama Map Project: Lots of great historical maps of every state.  Digital copies are cheap. Alabama Maps is an ongoing project of the Cartographic Research Laboratory, which operates under the auspices of the College of Arts and Sciences at The University of Alabama. ​

State of MD Dept of Planning's Property Map Products: Say what you like about Maryland's regulatory and tax environment (and I have plenty to say), but they have excellent public data available.  MD's Property Finder provides either the raw GIS data for you to manipulate or has a number of online viewing platforms, too.  Data includes tax parcels, imagery, and numerous planning layers.

Garrett County's Dept of Planning's WebMaps: Our own county has an excellent Web Map application where you can overlay tax parcels, make measurements and look at a variety of overlays and base maps.   A great resource for orienting yourself in the county and snooping on your neighbors!

Mapping Maryland's Counties: The selection of maps in this collection provides snapshots of the growth and development of Maryland's counties and the City of Baltimore. Collection in the Enoch Pratt Free Library

David Rumsey Map Collection: An excellent resource of maps, historical and otherwise, with the ability to georeference  and overlay historical maps on current ones.
Historical mapping and research
Before there was a Deep Creek Lake,there was still a lot going on in Garrett County. I've put together a presentation that goes through the history of the county using maps.  
An 1874 map showing the military lots assigned to soldiers as payment for their service in the Revolutionary War is the base map here. More details on the history of the map are below
A 1902 map of the geology in Garrett County is the base map here.  
The base map is made from 4 topographical maps of the county stitched together (there are small seam visible)
Ed King's History of Deep Creek Lake Presentation
Long time lake resident Ed King has put together a presentation on the history of Deep Creek Lake, which he delivered to our Lions Club recently.
Here is a link to the presentation.  Part 1 and Part 2 of the recorded presentation are on Youtube
Ed has also published a book "Famous Boats on Deep Creek Lake"
Below are full sized maps used to generate the slides in the History of the County presentations above.  They are big files in order to preserve as much of the visual detail as possible, and also contain clickable layers with modern-day features like roads and current property lines.  The file on the end goes over to work with pdfs with clickable layers if you've never worked with them before.
Map shows the pre-existing roads prior to flooding Deep Creek Lake and new road routes
Morgan France's archive
These maps are from original Penelec files saved from disposal by Morgan France.  Much thanks to Aaron Teets of Century Engineering who provided access and the use of their scanner to digitize them.
Frank Corliss was head engineer for the development of the lake. This map is from 1936 (rev '47)
Nice large format map of the whole lake from 1963 showing major subdivisions and lake features
This map from 1943 shows the general layout of a proposed plan to dam the Yough River for another hydroelectric power plant
Brief article for the DCL POA I did on the previous lakes that existed here before the current one