Chris Nichols

Meshach Browning Research
Meshach (alt. Meshack) Browning was among the first settlers of Garrett County in the early 1800's and authored a biographical account of life during that period entitled "Forty Four Years of the Life of a Hunter". It's a great read even if you have no interest in the history of the area, but also has a wealth of detail about Garrett County and what life was like then. My Lions Club is developing a trail system with historical interpretive signage based on excerpts from his book - you can find more information on that project, along with the content of the signs in case you can't make it to the park in person, here

Based on the interest the signs generated, I'm working on a online map of the sites mentioned in his book, with a plan to produce an interpretive physical map down the road. The map - in VERY draft status - is here. And below is an article I wrote for the DCL Property Owners' Association newsletter that discusses some of those sites around the lake annotated on an included map: 
Meshach Browning: Maryland’s most celebrated hunter: great article by Champ Zumbrun and Linda Wiley for the MD DNR magazine. Dec 2017

Some notes on Sang Run, MD - post from the Appalachian History Website (Stories, quotes and anecdotes from Appalachia, with an emphasis on the Depression era.) by David Tabler with a bit on MB , and a cool little ghost story. May 2017

Site of Browning's grave: historical marker online database with dierctions to the marker and his grave
Map from an unknown edition of Browning's book
Portrait of Browning for the book
Browning's Sang Run cabin, photo by Beachy in 1909, since torn down
Map created by Bob Bantz marking sites from the book map
Map made by Bob Bantz marking Browning sites from the book
"Maryland Nimrod" article from the Denton Journal Nov 22, 1873
Photo of an exhibit from the 1st Garrett Co Ag Fair, GC Historical Society
Closeup of the action on Browning's rifle in the Smithsonian